Error trying to login to web portal

Greetings all,

I am what I would consider a Navision noobie in general. I do not know a whole lot about Navision or the things it can do, but I would like to propose a question to the community.

We had switched host previously, and everything was still working fine with our web portal after the move, we had the right dns information etc, now all of the sudden I get this error when trying to login to our web portal. There was a problem receiving a response. Please Try Again"

It does not matter what login we try to use, just simply do not get a response. I have connect straight through the ip and still get the same error.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Hi ,

Welcome to DUG. What you are posting is very limited . I suggest you involce your NAV partner ,and your infrastructure provider .

One of them will help you .


Sorry pretty big noob here. Not sure what you are asking. We are using Microsoft dynamics and the web portal is a table created from that in a file called inetpub/wwwroot.

i can get to the default login page, but it does nothing else after that. One thing I did notice while on the virtual machine I looked for services that were not running.

The service that isn’t running that I believe needs to be is mcs dynamics … /application server/nssql.exe

i get an error #1 failing to start because incorrect function.

Any ideas?