Does inventory adjustment impact on inventory close Ax 2012?

Hi, I noticed that when I use the Inventory Adjustment journal, the AX updates the financial amount for the item, which in turn, I believe impacts on calculating the running average. 1) Is it?

  1. Does this impact on inventory close? say we create an inventory adjustment for 10 quantities @ $0.00; will this be considered as a receipt and that AX will attempt to settle the vendor invoice to this receipts potentially? Appreciate if you could share your thoughts


Book 10 in at $0 with stock and see what it does to your average [:)]

Hi adam, many thanks. It in deed changed the running average. So it leads me to believe that this price will be applied to the PO invoiced during the close process.

Not to the purchase order, it will be applied as per costing rules when it is consumed, from transfer, production or sales. If you are talking about a purchase return then the cost credited is more important as this is what you get back as a credit.