Inventory recalculation and closing issue

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I have inventory transaction (movement out) on September 1, 2014. and then i run inventory recalculation and inventory closing on September 30, 2014. After recalculation and closing process there is adjustment for the transaction that i posted.

And then on October 31, 2014, i run inventory recalculation and inventory closing for October.

But why there is another adjustment for the transaction that i posted on September 1, 2014 ?.

Fyi, i used weighted average for costing.

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Hi Jimmi

On 30th Sept, the issue transaction on dated 1st Sept was settled to a receipt, and the cost was adjusted. A subsequent inventory close will adjust the cost of the issue transaction if the cost of the receipt to which it is settled changes.

This is not that common, because with Weighted average, only financially updated receipts can be used to settle issue transactions, and with a financially updated receipt the final cost price is normally known. However, it is possible to change the cost price of a financially updated receipt.

For example, you invoice a Purchase order, and the receipts become financially updated. Later, you add a Misc Charge to the purchase order invoice (for example, you got an invoice from a different supplier for shipping the container half way round the world). You want to add this cost to the received items, so you add a Misc Charge to the PO Invoice. This causes the cost of the receipts to change. At the next inventory close, AX will adjust the issues that were settled to these receipts with the new cost amount.

Hi experts,

can you please give me a detail steps of inventory closing and adjustment as we are using moving average cost in retail industry.

your help is appreciated.

Hi Husain,

Short answer is, Inventory close does not touch items which use the Moving average costing method. For any further questions, would you mind to post a new message, so as not to hijack the topic of this one, which is about Weighted average.


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