Closing and Adjustment - AX2009

Hello all:

Our inventory model group is Weighted avg date.

Include Physical value checked.

We have an item that cost about 600/-

When I invoiced a SO for this item, it posted teh cost as around 660.00

When I did a inventory closing and Adjustment, it settled the posted cost to about 990.

I run teh inventory close every day. and dont have any financially open trans for this item.

I am really not sure how this adjustment is done. Does anyone can shed any light on this?

Thanks for your help

Hai Abby,

How you filetred it warehouse wise or sitewise??



Obvious starting point is to find the actual cost of the item, Then you need to work out the cost based upon the average date for weighted cost. The adjustment basically matches the issue and receipt based upon the weight cost date method. You can read about this method with examples in the manuals, then apply it to your transactions.

Hello Abby,

I already also passed therefore. How did I resolved this problem?

I carried the referring transactions to the period from inventory closing to Excel.

I made the calculation of the cost as the principle of the Weighted Average Date and found the correct cost for each issue.

I compared with the cost that AX calculatedand found the difference.

I analyzed the settlements made in the calculation of inventory closing verifying the settle model.

After everything this, I concluded that the calculation of the Ax was correct.


Murilo Oliveira