Latest cost price


In AX 2012, on the Released product details form, there is a check box ‘Latest cost price’ under the ‘Manage costs’ group. How AX update the latest cost price, after running the inventory closing?


It updates production items from the ended production and known labour/component/indirects, whilst purchased items are updated from the last invoiced cost - I believe this field is updated at End and Invoice and is not impacted directly by the inventory close but you would need to test it. Basically make something with a different cost to the last, end it and see it update - this ended cost is then pushed through as COGS if sold by the closing routine. I am not sure if a purchase invoice update on an ended production order post ending updates the last cost, probably does but I have never tested it.

it doesn’t have any impact with inventory closing. In general when you are moving the stock in through Inventory journals like movement or profit/loss journals, the last posted cost will be considered as latest cost for that item.

Ex: Item X has latest cost price ticked. you have posted a movement journal for 10 quantity with cost price 150$, your cost price in the item master gets updated to 150$.