Document Introduction on Report

Hi Guys,

I am customizing SalesQuotation Report. There is a section with document introduction, containing a standard string control and a following method:

display smmQuotationDocuIntroText docuIntro()
return docuIntro;

docuIntro is initialized in the Report’s init method:

smmQuotationDocuIntroText docuIntro;

  • nothing else is assigned to the docuIntro within the report

This is already enough for a customer to see their own document introduction. However, I use AX demo data and no intro is present. What should I do to see it as well?

I tried to add some data in the form


but without success. Does anybody know where and how I should add data to see some document introduction on SalesQuotation report?

Thanx Much!


If I understand ur problem correctly, go in the fetch method , where the variables docuTitle, docuIntro etc getting their values. Check that table and populate that table from form.

Sorry , I am not getting much time to go through the report.

So, hoping it will help u in getting some idea…[:)]

Hey manish_s,

thank you very much - I am as blind as bat :). That is exactly what I was looking for!