translating a salesunit

hello, I have a report in which i need the smmquotationline.salesunit to be translated in the language of the customer. just adding smmquotationline.salesunit doesn’ t do the translation I think I need something like but not looking up the label, but a the string smmquotationline.salesunit. I tried that, but I don’t seem to find the good way to do it. The language of the report is in the good language (all the labels are translated) Any suggestions? thx, Kathleen

Hi, I think you are putting wrong the problem. The languages in Axapta reffers to Labels’ language, not Data language. The labels have an unique id (like ‘@sys0101’) that can point to multiple language version of the label. The user can see the label in the language specified in the Configuration Utility. What you suggest sound like a different issue. You need the customer to see the value in a field translated into his own language. This is not possible, since the data in the table was saved in a different language than those. Eventually, you can enhance the existing feature Sales Units table with a different name for every language you use. Then, in the report, you’ll show the name according to the current language. Regards, Ciprian

Hi Kathleen, I just noticed that the enhancement I suggested already exists in Axapta. You can set up the text for various langauges from Basic\Setup\Units\Units, Setup\Unit texts. Then add this method to your report: display UnitIDTxt() { Session session = new Session(); LanguageId interfaceLanguage = session.interfaceLanguage(); ; return UnitTxt::languageUnitId(smmQuotationLine.SalesUnit, interfaceLanguage); } Hope this helps.