Document Handling


I am creating a Sales quotation and from that Sales Quotation I generate a Sales Order.

My requirement is that the documents that I have attached to the Quotation should also be available in the SO created. As of now when I did the Confirmation of Sales Quotation to a SO, the same is not happening in the system.

I would like to know If i need to get this functionality customized or there is some work around, can Document Handling workflow help?


If AX doesn’t support that (I’m not aware of it), you have to copy attached documents from a quotation to an order. Fortunately there already is a method for that purpose: Docu::copy().

Yes, i see the code doesn’t copy the documents from quotation to sales order, it copies to quotation confirmation journal

\Classes\SalesQuotationEditLinesForm_Sales_Confir\writeJournal (see this)

If you want, you can do a similar copy(as Martin said), in \Classes\SalesQuotationEditLinesForm_Sales_Confir\updateNow before or after doing the markup copy.

Thanks for the insight Kranthi, it works a treat. I am surprised this isn’t the default behaviour.