Transaction Text on the sales order and free Text Invoice

Hi All

When we generate the “Customer internal Statement” report under “Transaction Text” column on the report it is blank for the Sales order invoice and Free text Invoices. Can you tell me why it is so.

What is the business logic to keep it blank.


Have you specified the transaction text setup? What is the text on the posted transaction?

No, How can we set that, i go through it but did not get how i can set it up. Do u have any link from where i can read

Basic - Setup - Transaction Texts (Extended Descriptions in AX2012)

In the example below and posted sales invoice will have the words “sales invoice” and then the invoice number in the transaction text field in the account transactions. Note the key at the bottom of the form.

4721.16-12-2012 12-58-03.png

Thanks Adam, thank you very much for your usual support.

In AX 2012 we call it Default Description, I believe. Correct me if I am wrong.


Thomas Philipose