Dimension copy from PRoduction Order to Components lines

hello everyone,

When I refresh a Production Order Manually the Dimensions entered on the Production order are copied to the components line.

When I create a production order Automatically from the planning tool it gets refreshed Automatically, but the dimensions don’t get copy from the production order to the components lines.

The dimensions are copied from the planning to the Production order, but don’t get copied to the components.

I need that to be done in the same logic as when you refresh the production order manually.

So why is it doing that and can it be modified ?


I would consider this being a bug and escalate this to Microsoft.

You could in the meantime analyze which code is being executed when the “Refresh” button is being pressed and add the same call to the function (at the very end) of the planning tool’s “Make Order” function.

hello there,

here is what i got from Microsoft support;

On further research about the issue that is raised, here is what the Development Team has to say:

“In a general scenario, when you run the planning engine (either Order Planning or Planning Worksheet), the dimensions of the Sales Order line (which would be driving the demand through the planning worksheet) will not be transferred because the planning engine might address many different demands in one replenishment.”

There is a need to run Functions| Refresh on the Firm Planned Prod. Order (FPPO) to have the Dimensions flow through the component lines after selecting the Make Order function from the Order Planning.

do you think that this is logical enough?


When dealing with drp shipments you have the option to retrieve the dimensions from the item or the sales line. However when you have a reorder policy that is not directly related to demand there is the possibility of conflicts emerging. That said if you configure the system to handle conflicts, and were able to parameterise the settings I would prefer the ability to decide if I want the sales order line dimension on the planning line or not (order demand especially).

However I do understand the approach, it can be deemed logical for the overall system because MS are unaware of how you will use the dimensions. I do not like the approach of simply not doing it, I would like the option to control it, but I do believe it is logical enough, even though I would consider it restrictive.

well, i can undrestand that when i use order planning for a FG item and there is a subbasembly needs to be produced for that FG item then i must enter the dimensions on the Oder planning before i click make orders, cause at that time from the system point of view this supply can be used on any other demand not only the demand coming from the FG item.

what i don’t understand is after entering the dimensions on the Ordr planning and click Make order, the system copy the diemsionds to the newly created Prod. Order header and line, but does not copy it to the Components, and their reply was that i have to refresh this order again, and my question was if the Make order function is refreshing the Prod. Order directly then why it’s not copying the dimension from the header or lines and i have to refresh it again.

and the answer was not convincing to me.

I would say that the dimensions on the production header and line level are as far as you will get. The component level is the consumption element, and a further level down. As to the question of “should” it this would be debateable based upon the use of the dimension. I would argue yes in some cases and no in others. However it clearly does not do this as standard and MS have given you teh steps to achieve what you require, therefore if you want it as standard you would need to take the manual step and make this refresh happen as partof the make order routine.

Hello Adam,

yes refreshing the production order after being created from the order planning will be a routine step in my Production order proccessing.

thank you for your reply