Dimension on Production Order

Hi, I have a question on Production Order for Dimension. This is on Navision version 4.0. We are using back flush. On the Prod. Order, we use refresh to get components information. All the items have been setup to use dimension and Same Code as Value Posting. The output items are updated with correct dimensions from the item cards. However, the components did not get updated with correct dimensions. The component is using the dimension of the finish production instead of the raw material. The system will not allow you post until you correct it however, it is an extra work you have go to the component lines each time to change the dimension. Any ideas? Thanks, Trin

Trin, I have had a look at this and come up with some quite interesting results. I have had a look at the code in the Dimension Management Code and what it is actually doing is using the Dimension Priorities table to decide whether to take the dimensions form the Production Order Line (Parent Item) or the Default Dimensions from the Item used on the component line where the source code is blank. All well and good, however if you go to the default dimensions table in v4 it won’t (without a minor code fix) allow you to specify the production order line as a dimension priority. A little mod to solve this and I can get the dimensions to always be the component item default dimensions.

Hi Gary, Do you minding sharing your change? Thanks a lot. Trin

Trin, The change needed is in Codeunit 408 DimensionManagement. In function SetupObjectNoList you need to make the following changes: Change NumberOfObjects := 20; to NumberOfObjects := 21; Add the line: TableIDArray[21] := DATABASE::“Prod. Order Line”; Change the Local Variable TableIDArray to be an array of 21 instead of 20. Once the change has been made go to dimension priorites and set up a new priority for a blank source code with the Item table and The Production Order Line table. If the Prod. Order Line table has a higher priority then the dimensions for the components on the production order will take the dimensions of the parent item. Set the Item to the higher priority and the dimensions will be taken from the Item record for the component. Basically MBS wrote the code to handle this they just didn’t quite finish carrying it through [:D]

@Gary Please start at 30 or 40. If in the next release Navision comes up with 21 or 22 you don’t have to change your code. They will probably not add 20 codes. Ps. This also goes for option fields as in report selection, sales order type etc. Greetz, Marq

Marq, As a general point of principle you are correct. However in this case it is not such a good idea. If array element 30 is used and then Microsoft correct this themselves with a different array index it will lead to a duplicate record being inserted and the system to error. In this instance the change also does not effect anywhere else in the system.

Hi Gary, Thank you so much for sharing. It works great!! My problem solved. I am so happppppy. Thanks again! Trin

Trin, That’s Ok. Glad it worked for you.

Hi Gary, How about if the customer is not licensed for Default Dimension Priority table(which requires advanced dimension) then I can’t set the priority for Item table. Do you have any other ideas? Thanks, Trin

I got this problem in NAV5.0. But it doesn’t work after I changed the code according to Gary’s method. Anyone has solution in NAV5?