Master scheduling batch job issue ax 4.0

Hi All,

I have created a sales order with the item 1000. After that i ran the batch job Master scheduling batch job(Master planning → Periodic → Master scheduling) with the same item.A production order have been created with the Reference type “Sales” and the production order dimension is updated with new batchId(Which is ProdId). But In sales order line the new dimension is not updated.

I have debugged the class “ReqCalcSheduleItemTable” and found in ProdTableType/Insert method the InventRefType value is “None”. But finally it is updated to “Sales” once the batch job is done. Can anyone help me to solve this issue ?

I want to know whether the Sales order dimesion will be updated or not when creating the production order using Master scheduling batch job.

Please assist…

Thanks in Advance…

Hi All,

Please, how or where the following values updated when creating the production order using the master scheduling batch job…

InventRefType is None

Either the coverage group is requirement, or the production order was created directly from the sales order for a supply-demand balance. You dont actually say what this is, looks like post creation, could also be extended marking configuration.

Thanks for your reply Adam.

Please tell after running the batch job the production order dimension will be updated to sales order line or not…

I dont know what is the standard process …

Please suggest?

No I do not believe that dimension from the production order would be pushed to the sales order, that flow is the wrong, the sales order could push to the production order, but not back up the chain.

Any suggestions?

So you want a customisation to assist upon the creation of a producion order, with a referenced sales order that originates in planning to push the tracking dimension of serial number to the inventory transaction associated with the sales line in AX4.0?

Yes I want to know how the sales order reference has been updated to the production order in code

I suggest posting that as a specific new question to ensure people read it that way, make the title clear like you have just stated.