Difference between Runbase and SysOPeration Framework

HI Friends,

I found all the features of RunBase framework is provided by SysOPeartion Framework (LIke user interration, running batch jobs).

Alos we can use SysOperation Framwork to run in 4 different modes like synchronous, asynchronous , …etc.,

But could not get the biggest usage why RunBase framwork is replaced with SysOperation framework.

Can u tell me?


There are many reasons, such as simplified development (you simply define a data contract instead of implement serialization and deserialization by yourself; UI is generated for you automatically), better separation of concern (you don’t have to the operation itself, its contract and UI in a single class), you already mentioned new execution modes…

You can also get some additional information in Introduction to the SysOperation Framework and From RunBase to SysOperation, for instance.


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