Runbase vs Runbase batch

do u know what is the meaning of the batch.
Why we are using the batch.
`the main diffrence between runbase batch & runbase class, the class run in a batch.When you create a class by extending the runbase class, you will not found the batch tab in dilogue.`
Ex: The sales order posting class i.e. salesFormLetter which extend Formletter , which extends Runbasebatch class. So slaesorder can be posted in batches.
`The ledgerJournalCheckPost class extends runbase only.` `So it will not be posted batch wise.`
`In axapta, this is one of the best functionality.` `Ex: Suppose one company has created a sales order with 30 items for a particular customer.` `Now the company wants to post the salesrder with one qty in everyday at a fixed time of the day.` `So for this case you will post each qty in everyday manually. But by using the batch process, the system will automatically post each qty in everyday.`
For batch processing one dedicate batch server is running 24x7.
In Basic> Periodic>Batch > processing , you have to run one time only.…/msg09969.html