Difference between runbase and runbasebatch

plz tell me the difference between runbase and runbasebatch


Runbase is a standardized approach to create processes,batch jobs etc. Examples of such features are query,dialog,validate,progress bar etc.,

Runbasebatch extends runbase . you can customize your own batch job using this class.

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Hello Mohan,

RunBase class: The RunBase class is a framework for classes that need a dialog for user interaction and that need the dialog values to be saved per user. The RunBase application framework runs or batches an operation. An operation is a unit of work, such as the posting of a sales order or calculation of a master schedule.The RunBase framework uses the Dialog framework to prompt a user for data input. It uses the SysLastValue framework to persist usage data and the Operation Progress framework to show operation progress.

class RunBase extends Object implements SysSaveable, SysRunable

RunBaseBatch class: All jobs that must be able to run in a batch must inherit from this class. The RunBaseBatch framework extends the RunBase framework, and X++ classes that extend this framework can have their operations enlisted in the batch queue.

class RunBaseBatch extends RunBase implements Batchable

RunBaseReport class: The RunBaseReport class makes all reports batchable and creates a standard dialog box.

class RunBaseReport extends RunBaseBatch

This class is instantiated through the SysReportRun Class. It should be used by all reports. The purpose of the class is to:

  • Make all reports batchable

  • Create a standard dialog

If you are creating more complex reports, it might be necessary to inherit from this class. If this is the case, you must create the following methods:

lastValueElementName(). Returns the report name.

description(). Static.

main(). Static.

Note : The corresponding menu item must use the class rather than the report. If you can avoid it, do not create a class and inherit from this class. Try to solve the report in the actual report.