Days and times

Has anyone developed a solution to add time to the navision calendar, or for example resource capacity? (for example an indication that the resource capacity of 8 hours is available between 8 and 1800 hour)

That’s what DateTiem is all about. What are you after exactly, since Start and End times have been standard in Navision for some time now.

For the prupose of an export to an advanced engineerplanning tool (really cool, check, even optimized trouteplanning is included) we have to registrate for every customer per weekday in general (f.a. monday, tuesday, wednesday, etc. regardless of which date in the year) the starting time and ending time during which the engineers can stop by, for example a customter is available on friday from at 16.00 and the latest to 21.00 hour. To my knowledge on a customer, I can only registrate a calendar with days that are available (which is also important by the way) Same thing for resources, for which I (to my knowledge) only can registrate which hours on a particular date the resource is available, but not the times between which these hours must lie…

OK, that is a bit more clear. No I guess a little programming is required.