Time Clock for Navision 2.0

Hi. We are still using Navision 2.0, which is working perfectly for us. But, I would like to see us integrate timekeeping from a time clock. I am looking for our employees to have time cards (and some of them have “grease” related jobs, so the cards could get dirty.) They would swipe the time card for start of the day, breaks and end of the day and all of that info would be imported into Navision somehow. My local vendor is moving way to slow on this, so I want to get some info to “motivate” him. Thanks John Friedman

I believe the Navision payroll and jobs areas only keep track of the number of hours a resource/person works/ is paid for. One possibility is to skip the time clock altogether and just have the workers sign a timesheet. That’s probably what they are already doing. Time clocks can be tricky, since people sometimes forget to clock in or out, especially at break time. (Not only that, if you have secure facility, your system might only track when people are entering or leaving the secure area. Sometimes, folks are off the clock but still in the secure zone— e.g., when they’re on break. Other times they are working off-site.) If you have a time clock, there should be logs you can use to determine comings and goings. To track the time clock events directly, you would have to create some new objects. Or, you can use whatever software comes with the time clock system, if any.

That’s all fine and dandy but, please guys, make sure you post in the correct forum, OK? [;)]

We wrote our own. It started as a ‘filler’ for a summer intern I had in to do some work. As the project progessed, so did the complexity of the clock. You see, there are so many work rules to consider. All businesses are different. So, in the end, it works but I really couldn’t just hand it over because it’s now integrated into other parts of Navision. We use it to tie into production…i.e. track rates by employee, item, etc. What I can tell you is that if you can’t find an add-on, your local reseller will charge you a fortune to create this… It might be better just to call Paychex and lease a clock that will export the time.

Maybe this might be better? http://nas.adp.com/solutions/payroll/etime.html