Time Recording

Just a quick punt around for knowledge and experiences on this one… Using the Resource module on 3.70 my client wishes to record employees time. This is a relatively simple thing and is built into the system. However, because of the nature of the organisation, many of our employees will need to submit their “timesheets” from outside of the office. To get around this, we have installed a web front-end which almost (some tweeking needed) meets our needs. BUT… I have noticed three problems (so far) as I go through compliance testing: 1) Although the Resources Module (RM) allows you to specify various rates for each person… by job / work type etc…, these values seem to have trouble being interfaced into the timesheet data which is collected via the web. No monetary values are available on the web - all of that should be controlled by Navision. 2) There is limited visibility of timesheet data on the Resource Time Sheet function. This means that the finance staff who are approving and posting (or not) the timesheets have no idea what they are agreeing to, except the name of the employee and the hours they claim to have worked. No dimension details and very little ‘monetary’ and posting detail. All of this information is available AFTER posting, in the Register. 3) Once a timesheet is posted it cannot (quite rightly) be reopened. However, the values on a posted sheet can be increased (or decreased) by the employee, simply by entering new data for the same period. As far as I can see, there is NO method of reapproving changes and then posting them to the ledgers… Advice always welcome Mark