Custom Tax Issue in AX 2012 R2

Hi All,

i have created Tax code for the tax type “Customs”. while use the same Tax code in Sales Order The Tax value is calculating properly in Sales Tax Form.

But in Total Form The Invoice Amount is showing wrongly. i.e. The Tax value is getting added double time with Sub total amount.

and In Proforma and Sales Invoice Level, The Particular Tax value is not getting added with Grand Total.

The issue is coming only in Custom Tax Code remaining all Tax codes are working fine.

Kindly Provide Your Update.


Hi All,

Any one can update for the above issue.

Even i tested the same in another data base. facing same error.

After Creation of Sales order, In Sales Order Form >> Totals >> The Invoice Amount Value is coming wrong

i.e, The Tax (Custom) Amount is getting added Double time.

Kindly Provide Your Update.


Have done any customization. If so please check the code.



we have not done any customization in Tax Part and Sales Order Form.

This issue is coming only, if the Tax type is “Custom” remaining all tax codes the value is calculating and coming properly.

Please let me know, did i missed any setup for customs process.

What version of AX are you using?

Did you tried posting the SO, if so, is the system recording tax amount properly? Total form calculates data temporarily and it might be a issue with the form. The important thing here is that the tax amount should be posted accurately.


Version is AX 2012 R2 CU1 - 6.2.1000.156

The Tax amount is calculated and displayed in Sales Tax Form. but after posted Sales Invoice Journal, in Invoice Voucher The Particular Tax (Custom) value is not getting posted.

kindly provide solution




Any one can provide solution.

Hi All,

Can any one explain the issue and provide the soultion.


If you Unckeck Export Order tick from sales Order, system will post issue.

According to Indian Localisation, Tax does not apply to Export Order so it is skipping posting in Tax tables.

Try it. All the best.