Sales Tax in Purchase Order AX 2012 R2

Dear All,

I’ve created a PO and then input the item sales tax group and sales tax group. But when I view the totals in the Totals Form, the sales tax value is 0. I confirm the PO, receive it and then invoiced it. In the invoice voucher created, I can see the tax amount being posted with the correct amount.

I want to ask why the sales tax didn’t show up in the totals form?

Thank you,


Hello Esther,

Tried the same at our box (R2 CU6) but no problems here… Tax is visible in total form before any posting as expected. Can you see a tax line on the tax form? See purchorder form / tab purchase / button tax (before any posting).



Hi Peter,

I can see a tax line on the tax form with sales tax direction “Use tax”. So why am I not seeing “Sales tax” in Total forms?