Extra Tax is posting while booking Purchase Invoice through Get Receipt Lines

Dear All,

Kindly suggest the below mentioned issue:-

I am Booking a Purchase Invoice with Tax Area as “GJVAT” (Additional Vat included).

Tax is calculating Correct when i see the Statistics and Detailed Tax Entry.

Suppose Tax Calculated is 15750 and when posting it is taking in G/L as 166180, Difference Amount 8730 is going extra while posting and system gives inconsistency error.

Kindly Suggest why this is happening.

Is while posting system gives inconsistency error ???

Or its already posted ?

When i am Posting the Entry System is giving the Inconsistency Error.

Two Entries after the same has already been posted for the Same Vendor with Different Item.

Is there Something related to Item or Vendor.

Kindly Suggest.

Hello Amol,

Kindly help for the same.

How you have additional vat ?

Have you define different tax area code and doing the calculation ?

Yes the Additional Tax is there.

But i have defined only GJVAT as a Tax Area Code.

Already 2 Entries were posted for this Tax Area Code of Same Vendor.

And in the Invoice Tax is Calculating correct, on posting amount is wrongly posted.

Is there any customization done ??

No Customization is done.

Already 2 Entries was posted for this Tax Area Code.

For Additional vat have you define another tax jurisdictional code and then add in tax area code

Check percentage for the same.

Yes Another Tax Jurisdiction is created for ADD VAT.

Already 2 Entries was posted with the same Tax Area Code.

I am Getting the error in single Invoice only which consists of around 14 Items

Kindly Suggest why this is happening.

Hey Amol,

I have Scrutinize the things and i have found that in that Item the Tax is posting wrong from the Actual Calculated Tax Amount

Where there is Multiple Lot in the respective Item

Kindly Suggest

Is before posting the tax amount showing correctly on statistics ?