CurrReport.Showoutput := False in RTC doesn't work?

hi all i have create report in classic

which is consist of 3 parts

Customer Body (1)

Customer Body (2) → i want to hide this part

CurrReport.Showoutput := False

Customer Body (3)

in classic report is correct

but in RTC they appear all

how to make it hide?

You need to code this separately in the RTC report in the Hidden property of the control in question.

in RTC or in visual studio report designer?

In the Visual Studio report designer.

thanks eric

i already tried to hide it…

and it works

but it is so messy report

like we must design it once again in visual studio

is there any simple ways to create RTC reports same as client report?

anyway thanks for the share

Hi Stan,

Yes if you create the RTC report using “Create Layout Suggestion” then it’s important to remember that its only a “Layout Suggestion” and that the suggestion typically is not direct usable unless your classic report is very simple. Otherwise then it’s really a pain to do.

Did you read my blog post about this? Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Upgrades and the RTC Reporting Nightmare

That is currently the only way, expect to use 8-20 hours to “upgrade” an classic Invoice report to RTC. After you have done it a few times, then maybe it will take you less. But it’s not easy to get a nice looking result.

your link cannot be clicked…

do you have any idea what is the best reporting for nav in the future,eric?

another sample look at the Balance Sheet report in RTC

it showed 3 lines… which is should be only 1