RTC Reports in Classic Client.

Hi All,

I am using Dynamics 2009 Classic Client Version 6.00.

I just installed the Cside Client Setup and it is working. I have intalled the Visual Studio for the reports. But when i am modifying the layout in Visual Studio it is not affecting my reports even though i am saving and compiling the reports.

I am running the report modified from object designer but it is not showing my modification i have made on visual studio.Can any one guide me what part i am missing here,


Hi Kami,

If you are using the classic client, then whatever you are doing in Visual Studio will NOT show up here. The changes in Visual Studio will only show up when you print the report from the RoleTailored client.

Basically NAV 2009 is working with two different reports which could have completely different layouts. One designed in the Classic Client Report Designer and one designed in Visual Studio (but using the same fields as in the classic report).

Thanks Erik.

So i have to install RTC in order to view the reports.

Erik can you give me the steps that i can take in order to get it done. Because it is easy to design the reports in VS so all i want to make the reports in VS and run it from Classic Clients so please give the ways of achieving this.


Hi Kami,

Even if you install the RTC, then cannot run the Visual Studio reports from the classic client.

i already design in visual studio for RTC and save it

but why it is not changed in RTC?

You can run your RTC Report like this

DynamicsNAV:////runreport?report=50001 where 50001 is the ID or your report in Classic client.

no i mean…

if i want to design and do the cosmetic in my report

is it SHOULD BE before compile for 1st time after I create layout suggestion?

Well Stan, now I think I lost you…

If you have a classic report and uses the “Create Layout Suggestion”, then this will remove all previous “cosmetic” changes you might have done to the report using Visual Studio. This function basically removes your existing RTC layout and replaces it by a default based upon the layout of your classic report.

After you have created this new layout, then yes save and compile the object. Test the report from the RTC. Then go back into the classic client, open the report designer and from here Visual Studio. Do your customizations to the layout. Close visual studio and import the changes to the classic client (automatically). Then save and compile the report and run it again from the RTC.

how to import the cosmetic report i already made in visual studio, eric?