rtc report problem

i am new to navision.I made a customized report in classic client and it is working good.then i use create layout suggestion and then saving and compiling the report but when run this report in RTC .Report will not display any data when i see the preview. please help me what’s the problem and what’s the solution…

Please help me…

Creating a Layout Suggestion is just that, a suggestion. No guarantee that it will match your original NAV report. Although generally you will always get some data. Do you see text boxes and tables when you view the layout in Visual Studio?

yes i see the text boxes. actually i have set some logic(c\al code) in sections trigger.is there any problem by this.

give me some suggestion plrase


The code that has been written in the section trigger will not be fired when you run the report from RTC. So you need to alter your logic in such a way that all the code needs to be written in data item triggers and report triggers.

ok boss i’ll try and send you feedback.

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