Reports in RTC from Classic - Create Layout

Morning everyone

I have been reading a couple books now and from everything I have read, it has told me to first make a report in classic just the way I like it then go to tools>create layout suggestion and it should “almost” be what I had in classic and go one from there. Well after I did my report it seems that create layout suggestion took nothing i have done and actually the report looks like a big mess. Am I missing a step or were these books wrong and I should have done the reports in VS and just forget about classic client?


no… you’re right

sometimes not every thing that you have done in classic will be the same in RTC

so i think you better use VIEW - LAYOUT

and then you create RTC Report from the beginning

it’s easier than create suggestion layout

Well that is a huge bummer… I just spent so much time writting some code for the classic client and designing it… do u know if the code i wrote in classic will still work the same in VB? or would i have to go into VB and write code for that as well?

If you are going to use reports in RTC Only, then design it directly in VS, no need of designing in classic first.

Suggest Layout generally doesn’t do much and suggested layout is no where closer to desired output.

You might find following blog interesting:

wow thanks for the blog cleared a lot of stuff… ugh i wish these books would have mention the time involved in this… Well thanks a lot guys… off to spend my next 20hrs working in VS!

Hi Savi,

You are correct Tools → Create Layout Suggestion sometimes do no generate the correct layout . You might need a big change or the minimal sometimes.

But i would prefer you to use Create Layout Suggestion if you are a beginner, as it will create some of the sturucture and then you need to modify the

layout according to your requirement. And Yes it is a correct and standard practice to first create report in classic and then in VS.

Sometimes, Create Layout won’t generate any layout , then you have to create the layout from beginning. And you don’t need to write the Code in VS the code will be executed in CAL written in Classic Client and the layout in VS will only display those values. So Classic View of report is important.

IMP : The code written on section triggers are not executed in RTC you have to adjust that code on Data item triggers.