Trying to post cash receipt in ‘CAD’ and get an error unit of 133410.48 - 133410.50 being posted to account ‘11000’ is too little Error in unit of amount in currency ‘CAD’ Must be rounded to ‘.25’ Posting canceled unit of 133410.48 133410.50 being posted to account ‘10002’ is too little Tried changing the rounding in GL but no change suggestions? Axapta 3.0 sp1

Hi, Have u try to change the Exchange rates setup at GL Rounding? It seems that for CAD the GL Rounding is 0.25. that’w why Axapta suggest this value 133410.50 which is multiple of 0.25

Developers fixed issue - don’t know what they did - but it is working now


Do anyone have solution to this problem, When posting the payment journal, system throws error, “Error in unit of amount in currecy (%currency), must be rounded to 0.01” and “the unit of -0.01(% currency) being posted to ledger account(%account)” is outside the current penny rounding threshold).

Please provide any idea on this.

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Check currency round up settings in ‘exchange rates’ form under GL → Setup.



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I have checked in Exchange rate there it shows as 0.01 as the general round off and other values are 0.00

Actually we are posting many journals daily but we have not any issue like this. Like we have 2 currency used, where company USD has base currency, then invoice journal has 3 invoice, one in USD and other 2 in EUR. Now for payment we are using USD, while posting this error occurs.

Any setup has to be taken care.