Error when posting Prepayment Sales Invoice

Hi All

When I try to Post a prepayment sales invoice I get the following error;

Amount -8.63636363636363635 needs to be rounded in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name=’’,Journal Batch Name=’’,Line No.=‘0’.

Dynamics Nav Version 5sp1

I am using only LCY no Additional Reporting currency

My rounding is set to two decimal places.

Thanks you all


Hi, Did you ever find the solution to this issue? I’m encountering the same problem now.



Is this in LCY or other currency?


Yes, it’s in LCY, i.e. no [Currency Code] is specified in the Sales Header.

I’ve also tried to make all the prices nice whole numbers so no rounding is neccessary, i.e i’ve got one Sales Line with [Quantity]=1 and [Unit Price]=100. I’m then trying to make a 20% Prepayment Invoice ($20.00), and its coming up with the same message as above;

Amount -20.0000000000000002 needs to be rounded in Gen Journal Line Journal Template Name=’’,Journal Batch Name=’’,Line No.=‘0’

All my rounding precision settings in the General Ledger Setup table and Company Information table are “correct”, none have no value in them, or 0.00. They are all set to 0.01 apart from the [Unit-Amount Rounding Precission]=0.001.

I’m meeting with some Navision developers tomorrow so hopefully they’ll either have knowledge of an existing hot-fix, or a solution.



Did you get any resolution on this one ?


I discussed this yesterday with our Navision support providers and, as it turns out, they were the company that actually discovered this issue initially and raised with Microsoft to fix.

There were numerous Hot-Fix’s made by Microsoft, initially just for the rounding issue but the Hot-Fix that resolved this caused other discrepancies with posting full VAT amounts and when pre-payment credit memos were being processed the VAT amount was not being credited etc. Anyway, they did get to the bottom of all the issues in the end and there is a “roll-up” of all the Hot-Fix’s which is available to resolve this.

However… the “rolled-up” Hot-Fix was developed for NAV2009 SP1 so it may not be the magic bullet i’m looking for. Our Navision support providers do believe it will work for NAV 5.0 SP2 as, in the most part, the upgrade to 2009 was more a technical upgrade. We will be merging the “rolled-up” hot-fix into our test environment and conducting testing over the coming weeks to determine that both a) it provides a resolution for this issue and b) it’s compatible with NAV 5.0 SP2.

I’ll keep this forum posted with the results when we know.