Error while posting journals ..

Hi, While trying to post a GL journal, I came across this error message - … Warning Message (09:24:35) Amount is specified too detailed in relation to the rounding of the currency. Error Message (09:24:35) Error in unit of amount in currency ‘EUR’. Must be rounded to ‘0.00’. Warning Message (09:24:35) Unit of -948.89 -948.89 being posted to account ‘’ is too little. … Has anyone seen this error message before? Can someone help me please. Thanks in advance, Harish Mohanbabu

I managed to resolve this. The problem was with rounding of data in Excel … Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish, With your experience, do you have any sugestion to trace the posting actions of Axapta (like PO Invoice, SO Invoice, GL trans…) I have somtimes in some cases Axapta stop the posting and the msg of Error Desc is very unlear like : Posting has been canceled! (?) Now I just put the info display on each line of transactions to see wich line cause problem, then I delete that line… :frowning: Hope you can help regards, Khue Trinh

Hi Khue, Good question. However in my opinion, an user mainly gets an error message when he/she tries to post incorrect data. When I say incorrect it also includes situations where an user forgot to include mandatory fields - like missing or keying in incorrect payment method for payment journals. In some cases these problems can be resolved straight away by an user if he/she manually keys in the journal or by Axapta consultant by having a good look. But in cases like ours (we use Atlas XL) where we regularly import thousands of journals, it is not straight forward - like the error message the one that I posted. So in summary - usually I don’t use any particular tracing method. First I would start checking the data that has been keyed in and then take it forward from there. But you are right - sometimes the error message is clear straight away and some times it doesn’t. Next time when you get error message, please post the case here. Off late the quality of the response is increasing day by day. If not myself some one might definitely help you and thereby you can learn. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Thanks Harish, You absolutely right when mentioned about payment method mistake of users. I have this problem many times. In my cases, we ussually have a journal with 120 - 150 trans and it a bit uncomfortable to check the problem manually. Next time I will post the exact information here, and hope everyone can help. best regards, Khue Trinh