--CRM-- Navision 4.0 - Exchange

Hi New installed Exchange and Navision server. I have moved navision database and exchange from one server to another. This is my first installation with application server - Exchange. I have installed Outlook 2003 English edition with Collaboration data objects In public folder The two mapps one queues and one storage from the old server are still the same. Attain has the connectors pointed to the two public folders. The user that starts the NAS service, has the “owner” rights to the public folders the NAS service starts up ---- Navision Application Server version 4.0 (Build 19365) ---- The Navision Application Server Cartman-CLASSIC started with the following configuration: Database Server Name = navision Database = Company = xxx xx Startup Parameter = maillog The mail don´t move from queue folder to the storage folder. No error message in Event Viewer. Need help. Thanks Andreas Fransson

A few suggestions. Check that the first 4 fields on the E-Mail logging tab of Marketing Setup are correctly populated. Check you have the correct NAS start-up parameter of MAILLOG. The email logging may not work as you expect. The e-mail will only get logged if both the e-mail from is a valid e-mail adrress asociated with a contact record and the e-mail address to is a valid address of the salesperson related to the contact or vice versa. Does the e-mail get deleted from the queue folder? If Navision does not think it is a valid e-mail to be stored it gets deleted without being moved. If it is getting deleted it will at least prove the NAs service is running the codeunit correctly. Hope this helps.

Hi, thanks for the answer. I have moved the database and exchange server from one existing working system. We have the same settings in exchange 2003 as before we moved. The NAS starts with startupparameter maillog. Exchange Mailbox store , general , archive all messages send or received by mailboxes. The mail goes in to the Queue folder. But they arn´t going to the storage folder. We havn´t change any settings in our Navision database, I have pointed out the right public folder after installing the NAS. It shows no error message. Where can the problem be? Andreas Fransson Excellet System AB IT-Tech

I know this sounds silly but have you tried clearing and reselecting the Exchange mailbox names in the setup. Navision actually stores a GUID to these mailboxes and this will change if you move exchange servers even if the mailbox names are still the same. However if this was the case I would expect you would get an error in the event log !?!. One other thing to try is to run Codeunit 5065 directly from the object designer. This is the codeunit the NAS runs behinds the scene. You may get some message theat may point you in the direction of the problem or failing this debug the codeunit to see what is happening.