E-mail logging

Hi! First of all, thanks for a great forum. I’ve been looking through alot of the topics, and I’ve found them quite interessting. I hope someone can help me with my problem. What I want in the end, is to have an automatically e-mail logging using Navision Application Server. I have exchange running, and I have made 2 public folders in Outlook called Queue and Storage, with proper permissions for other users to add mails. I have prepared a MAILLOG service in Navison Application Server, runned as the user, which own the public folders. When I try to set up the relations under Relationsship Management Setup/E-mail logging…I got the error message: This Message is for C/AL programmers: Could not create an instance of the OLE control or Automation server identified by GUID={3C2554FE-2B41-4543-B3E8-E64296773DA5}1.1:{2766747D-01E4-40A1-89B3-062173C5F24D}:Unknown Automation Server.Unknown Class. Check that the OLE control or Automation server is correctly installed and registered. I’ve had this error once before, and I got it working after a full re-installation of Navision Attain Client. Unfortunally this want work now…anyone have a solution? It really would save my day. (I’m setting everything up on the server, using the profile for administrator in Outlook. It is a Small Business Server with win2k and Exchange 2000). Looking forward to hear from you, cause I’m not a skilled C/AL programmer. Thomas Aalborgen. Taide Network Norway (It would be really great if you could notify when replying: thomas.aalborgen@taide.net)

Can you see the automation Object in your custom Controls List? I have the same problem With MS Project which does not have a DLL but an MSPRJ9.OLB, which is an object libary, you can see it as Automation Object in Navision, but cannot create an instance in code! Maybe you need to create a wrapper in VB to call the Automation Server! Regards David

Which version of Navision are You running? In 3.60 there is e-mail logging in standard. Has anyone tried it?? /Lars

Hi! Thank you alot[:)]. I’m using v3.60, so if I understand both of you correctly, I don’t need to create a VB wrapper. I beleive that something has messed up my automation server, but I don’t know how to fix/reinstall it. I’m not that into how everything is related to each other. Clues? Thanks a lot.