E-Mail logging and MS Echange server 2003

We have encountered the following problem while implementing the Outlook-logging for a customer, running Windows 2003 and Navision Attain 3.70. First we have created a new mailbox “Navision” on the Exchange 2003-server. A copy of all mail is automatically placed in this mailbox (an Exchange feature). This mail is placed in the map “Inbox”. A folder “Storage” is also created. In Navision two things have been setup. 1. Relationship Management – Setup – Relationship Management Setup: The tab E-mail Logging is being filled in. We refer to the Queue folder name “Inbox” and the storage folder name is “Storage”. 2. Relationship Management – Setup – Interaction – Interaction Template Setup: a new template “E-Mail” is setup. After completing this setup, the Navision-service is restarted and Navision informs that the e-mail dispatcher has started. So far, so good, but… When new mail arrives on the Exchange server, we see a copy of the mail in the Navision-Inbox appearing. When the E-maildispatcher has run, the mail is deleted from this folder, but is not created as an Interaction Log Entry, neither it can be found in the folder “Storage”. We can conclude that Navision doesn’t recognize the e-mailadres, otherwise it would be stored in the folder “Storage”. We send some testmails from an e-mailaccount that is also filled in on the Contact Card. While zooming into the contact-card, we found out that the field “Search E-Mail” is also filled in, because the system uses it as a key to search the corresponding contact card. When we execute the code unit with the debugger, we found out that a variable is filled with the e-mailadres, so we can say that Navision correctly read the mailbox, but doesn’t find the corresponding relation. We have informed Microsoft about this problem. They told us that two other customers have the same problem. I wonder if someone has successfully implemented this feature?

You say the sender is created as a contact. But have you also created at least one of the recipients as a salesperson? The e-mail logging only logs e-mails where it can find a contact as sender/recipient and a salesperson as the opposite.

I have set up the mail logging feature successfully about 6 times. It has some issues, but it works. For now I would comply with PDJ’s comment: Are you absolutely sure, that both the sender and recipient is recognized as either a contact or a sales person?

This morning we successfully managed to get the Outlook Integration running. The suggestion of an opposite salesperson for e-mails was the solution. So, both sender and recipient are now recognized and the e-mail is stored as an interaction logentry, placed in the storage-folder and linkable from the interaction logentry. Thank you very much!