email dispatcher

Hi, I am trying to set up the e-mail logging for ms-exchange server, with NAS and the MAILLOG parameter - according to the ‘Relationship Management- Navision Technical White Paper’. Ihave tried to set this up as described in this white paper. The dispatcher is supposed to move e-mail from the Queue folder to the Storage folder - but my emails stay put in the Queue folder. In the event viewer this error keeps coming: Connection property BN_PublishRetryTime_0 has not been set! Please make sure that you have properly installed Business Notification Server. Obviously I’m doing something wrong. I’m running Navision 4.0 sql server. The NAS is running with a domain administrator account and with nettype=tcp. I have put the tcp/ip address in the database server name. Also I am not able to Show emails in the Interaction Log Entries, that I have created from the contact form. Other interactions like word letters etc. can be shown, but not emails. What am I missing here ? Any suggestions, please ? Bjarte