Create To-do

Hi All, I need to completely redesign the Create to-do form because the Wizard style it has is very boring… BUT… It’s very difficult to achieve a good result… Someone here has any suggestion? Do you use this form extensively? Do you activate the Outlook Sync.? Thanks in Avance. Bye GPM

Hi Gilles, In fact we have opposite kind of requests from our clients. The form to create to do is designed keeping in mind the subjective nature of Information which the user needs to put in. Any way, The to-do card can also be used for creating a to-do if you do not want to use the Wizard. You do not need to do any customization there. Regards, DD

Hi dharmendra, Thank you very much for your help… I’m almost a Navision Newbie… Could you explain me how to create a new To-do using the to-do card without modification? I tried to add new record by pressing F3 key… but nothing… I’m using Nav 3.70. (i tried to do something starting from the to-do table… inserting values directly… but it causes various problems…) Thanks a lot in advance!!! Bye GpM