Outlook Integration

Hi all, I’m a new, just registered, mbsonline user… hello world! I’m in desperate need to use the outlook sync feature in Navision 3.70. Everything works well… but I’d need to expand Nav capabilities. My customer wants that a manager plan to-dos of type meeting for all the employees. The employees, then, will look at their outlook calendar via web to know their planned activities… BUT… Navision synchronize to-dos looking at the Navision User Id… so that is impossible to create calendar items for other salesperson than the one currently logged in from within navision. WHY??? Is it possible to create to-dos of type meetings making Navision to synchronyze them with the calendar of the proper agent? A user in Navision can create to-dos for any agent but then navision won’t sychronize it with the corresponding agent! We need this modification because employees don’t use navision and check outlook from remote via web access! PLEASE HELP ME !!! Bye HAI

Hi! Check this thread, maybe it answers your question: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=5765&SearchTerms=outlook,synchronization

Hi! Thank you Zorp… the thread you suggested me is interesting… But… I’d like to synchronize more than one calendar at once. I’d need to put all the to-dos of all the salespeople in their corresponding outlook calendar… Is that possible, maybe with som modifications? Thanks in advance. Bye HAI

you can download outlook synchronize module from mibuso.com

Hi Ajay Jain… Thank you very much for the tip… I just downloade it and now i’ll test it…

Hi Ajayjain, But… I’ve just noticed that you are the creator of the Outlook Integration module that you suggest me to use… Could you explain me, in depth, how it works. I’m just a Navision Newbie… so, yes I tedted it but… could you tell me what’s the better way to use it… Thank you very much… in advance. Bye HAI