crash Navision 2.06

hi, every thing we do in navision we get a errormessage that the capacity of the database is too small. the database was 5.4Gb and we expanded it to 12.4 Gb but we still get the same message when the first user loggs on (rebuild new blocks, optimize (no correct translation i think)) We already restarted the server. Even if we try to get a backup (tool in navision) we get the same error. Can someone help us ? what can we do to retreave our data? we have a backup from yesterday but that way we lose to much data. Tom

Try stopping the Navision server, and then connecting the database locally using the Navision client on the server. If so then backup, and create a new database. Note the database stats, and how you have created the database (did you span multiple files, and hard drives?). Make sure that you have sufficient hard drive space on the partition that you have specified. Make sure that your server has sufficient paging file space (2 to 2.5 times the size of the physical memory on the server).