Database 2.01 crashed

Hi everybody, a few weeks ago my NAVISION database (2.01) crashed. My NSC told me that happened because I put two parts(each sized 2 GB)of my database on one physical hard disc. Now I am short of database because now it’s just half the size it used to be. Does anybody knows about this problem? Now I think of installing 2.6. I would like to create a new database (with bigger parts) with 2.6 and import a 2.01 backup. Will that work?? Thank you for some info Peter (

That nonsense. Database can’t crash by this reason. I know only two reasons to crash: 1. Hardware problems 2. NF bug’s (in C/AL I don’t noticed, but in CFront are) Our company have installations 12 files / 11 Gb on two stripped HDD, 4 files / 5 Gb on one HDD. And any problems.

have you checked that the write cache (if there is one ) on the disk-controller is disabled ?

Except from hardware problems, my guess is that the second most common reason for crashing databases is doing backup the wrong way. Most people do backup of the entire database file. If you do so you have to stop the Navision Financials Server service (e.g. look for ‘net stop’ in the manual “Installation and System management”). Making a backup of a database where the server is running could damage the database. And another way of crashing the database: If you expand the database and the computer crashes while doing so, the database could be damaged afterwards. Lars