Recreating a database problem

Hi, One of our clients is having a problem, can anybody help ? They have a test version of a 2.5 database. They have tried to recreate the database by taking a Navision Financials backup, creating a new version of the test database (20gb) and then restoring the backup on to the new version of the database. The actual data is restored into the new database but during the reindexing of the database keys the restore is crashing out with the error message saying “Navision Financials error - not enough system resources to complete the operation”. The server has not been altered or any additional software added that may use system resources. The dbms cache allocated to the Navision client is 8000. They’ve tried rebooting the server but the same error is occuring. The error is happening on the G/L entry table key “G/L Account No.,Posting Date,Document No.”. Could this be an NT Server problem ? (They have recerated the database from scratch and the same problem occured - any ideas ?) Cheers

Hi Robin, you need at least so much free HD space as the largest key use (Navision temp-file!). Some people say that you need much more than that. Have you checked free HD space. Cheers, I am havin’ my Gin-Tonic NOW

Hi, the DBMS cache size seems odd. Are you opening the database locally or through a Navision server service? 8000 (Kilobytes) of DBMS cache seems pretty low. Should be 20 - 100 times larger. Maybe the machine is just out of virtual memory, as you must be swapping a lot. Best regards Pelle

Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses. As I say it is a client doing the actual work not myself so I shall put your comments to them. Thanks

An update… The TempFilePath (Tools/Options) was defaulting to the C: drive which had 3.5gb free space. This was changed to point to a drive on the network which had 5.9gb free space. It worked !. [:D]