Navision and NTFS compressed drive?

Hi I’m trying to make a Navision Backup of a very large (80+ Gb) Navision 2.01 database located on a compressed NTFS drive, but I get an error saying that there’s not enough space to keep the current version. The database information says that 100% is used, even though I know it should be around 85 or so… [?] deleting data does not help as Navision still think the database is 100% full [xx(] it must have something to do with the compressed drive, only i cannot find any information telling me what can be done if anything…

You have to expand the database.

I have tried to expand the database but since it’s on a compressed drive i don’t think that Navision can handle it. data is about 60 Gb and database about 80 so there should be enough space…

Unless You have at least 10% (preferably more)free databasespace you can’t make a backup.

(80-60)/80 * 100 = 25% free database I think that Navision has some problem handling a compressed drive, because the actual size on disk is about 35 or so…

Hi, Although it is not the answer to your problem, I have to ask this: Why do you have the database file in a compressed drive? Is it really necessary? It will only slow down the whole system and generate strange problems like this one. Get the database out of the compressed drive as soon as you can. Best regards,

Hi This is of course not a production database but a copy used for test purpose. The reason that it was runnig on a compressed drive was to save some space but I don’t think I’ll do that in the future… [:)] The reason that I want to make a Navision backup is that I have run som heavy data compression to make the total database data size smaller. So next step would be to restore the backup into a new database of about 50 gig or so…

OK, at least the WHY is clear. [;)] One suggestion, have you already tried to Optimize the Tables? Maybe it will give you enough free space for performing a backup.

Yep, tried it but I get the same error that there’s not enough space to maintain the current version. [}:)] I think that Navision compares the data size (about 40) with the actual size of the physical disk file (about 35) and concludes that no more space is available even thougth the database size is about 80… [xx(] but this is of course my asumption… [:)]

Only a hint for compressing : If you have you tried to compress all tables then try to compress all tables without the two biggest tables. Almost this will work.

I think that 80 logical GB’s / 35 physical GB’s must be pretty close to the maximum compression ratio. Navision must be really hitting the maximum disk space available (even in compressed mode). But as someone said:


this is of course my asumption… [:)]

Good luck [8D]

ok, thank you for the replies… if I find the answer or some official doc I’ll post it here [8D]