conditional output

I need to have a conditional footer on my invoice (rpt 206 in W2.60). The footer text depends on the Bill-to Customer.Country Code. I made two footers that will print if a condition is true, I put the code in the OnPreSection trigger of the footer. The problem is that I still get a white space for the footer that is skipped on my invoice. What am I doing wrong ?

Im not sure whether Im reading you correctly, but have you put the OnPreSection code onto only 1 of the footers? Each footer should have showoutput code on them. One of them would have similar to the following: CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(“Bill-to Customer No.” = ‘FREDBLOGGS’); and the other will contain CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(NOT (“Bill-to Customer No.” = ‘FREDBLOGGS’)); Note that I dont advocate hard coding customer names into reports (what if customer is renamed?) but am using it merely as an example … Next thing to check is are you putting it in the right section trigger? If you have inserted a SalesInvHeader footer onto the standard report (206), it will only get called once, at the very end of the report (not the right result i expect). I would suggest that it ought to be 2 Pageloop footers. If you have done all this and its still not working as expected, Im not sure what the problem might be without looking at what you have done so far! Regards, Edward (still 9 posts away from getting a star!)

I’m using two pageloop footers, same size, different text. Code in both OnPreSection triggers’ First Pageloop Footer: CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT (“Sales Invoice Header”.“Bill-to Country Code” <> ‘CAN’); Second Pageloop Footer: CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT (“Sales Invoice Header”.“Bill-to Country Code” = ‘CAN’); When the First Pageloop footer prints, it leaves a space for the second at the bottom of the page.

Hi, unfortunately I cannot see any obvious clues from this, sorry! Is it possible that it is something else that is causing this ‘space’, such as the VAT loop? If you want, you can send me the object and I can have a look at it [edd_in_manchester at hotmail dot com]. Regards, Edward.

Something similar happened to me several times. It seems that Navision allocates footer space for BOTH footers. But because you print only one therefore you have the blank space. Another example is when you create a statement and for some “critical” number of statement lines you have two pages - first with large empty space at the bottom and second with just one statement line (which would easily fit to the previous page). My advice is not to use “too big” footers. Try to make the footers as small as possible. Alternatively you can use just one footer with dynamical content. Michal

Have you checked that, the footer text intended is trying to print far below the field defined for the footer space of that specific page size you are using?