Report customization -Footer section issues

Hi all…

I customized sales invoice report and set the footer section only for last page.

I have 2 footer sections and in every page it is showing blank space in the footer section.

I want to print lines iin this blank space also.

Can anybody suggest me how can I do the same?



Check that ur footer is filtering on the salesid basis or not…


pls be clear with requirement , how u want the output u want the data only in the last page

or in every page.

if only in last page use programmable section else use page footer…

Hi Chaitanya Kumar

Now I am printing lines in all pages and I have 2 footer sections, printing last page only.

My problem is that in every page footer section is showing blank space because i set the footer section last page only.

I want to remove this blank space from all pages and want to print lines in this blank area also.

Can you suggest me how can I do the same.



I suggest to take the footer section in one programmable section and call that after super() of ur fetch method .