Invoice with cheque

I am working on an invoice with a cheque. This cheque has to be printed at the bottom of the first page of the invoice. By using a dataItem Integer and a footersection of this dataItem the cheque will be printed at the right place on the first page. By using CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT I manage that the cheque cannot be printed on other pages. When you look at page 2 and the following pages of the invoice you see at the bottom blank space. My problem is that the space that should be used by the footer on other pages is not available for the invoice lines. Has someone a solution for this problem?

I believe this is a limitation of the Navision reports. We had a similar problem in 2.60. The only thing that I can think of that would definitely be able to get around this problem (but with an obscene amount of extra programming) would be to program the function that calls this report to call 2 reports instead. The first report will include the first invoice lines and the cheque sections. The second report will include all the subsequent data that wouldn’t fit into the first report. Now, I realize I’m talking the big talk here, but as far as walking the big walk, I’m coming up short as to how to program this effectively. I’m thinking the spacing issue would be something to just live with, as we told our customer. But perhaps if you have some different options on how the formatting would work on the overall report, you could still split into two reports effectively. grin I’ll shut up now. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada