Two different footers in a report?

Hi I have customized the Sales - Invoice report to print companyinformation one every page as a footer. The property Print on every page= yes. But now my customer wants paying information(giro) to be printed at the bottom of the last page aswell. I hope this is possible…can someone please help me with the code? TiA

Sure, just create a footer for the last ‘root’ dataitem in your report, and you should be all set.

Hi Daniel :slight_smile: When I do this I only get the payment info on the absolute last page. I would like it to printed at the buttom of the last page per invoice no. Shouldn’t I be needing to add a footer on pageloop and then add some code to know if I’m on the last page or something?

yeah CopyLoop is what I’d try first :). You’re looking for the last ‘root’ dataitem of your report, so that would be a good start. I don’t think you will need code to determine if you’re at the end of the cycle, because that’s where the cycle ends, so it already knows.

Okey, this works from copyloop :slight_smile: But then… I meet a lot of problems [B)] I guess I will do this the other way around. Use a copy of the sales - invoice 4 and add the changes I already made to the other sales - invoice…and hope for the best! Thanks for your help Daniel[:)]