Completely Invoiced in Revaluation Journal

Hi people, see if anyone can help me on this: If I make a purchase order and then do a sales order for the same item without doing a sales invoice on the item, it can never do a revaluation on the item. Any idea what’s the rational on that? I’m using Standard Costing. Also, I noticed that even if I use Revalue by Variant and I skip the variant with problem, I’ll still won’t be able to revalue the item. Would appreciate if someone can answer me query… Thanks. K.C.

From what I understand any entry that does not have the completely invoiced flag in the item ledger entry table can not be adjusted. For your example of the item shipped but not invoiced the completely invoiced flag will not be set until you post the sales invoice. Which in essence means that you will not be able to revalue this inventory.