revaluating the inventory

Our customer has a lot of received but not invoiced purchaseorders. Now we want to revaluate the inventory. We made a modification that, when posting the revaluation journal the unit cost in the open purchase orders is filled with the revaluated unit cost. Therefore we have to skip the purchases in the proces calculate inventory value in the revaluation journal, because the field completely invoiced is FALSE in the purchase item ledger entries. Can anybody tell me the consequences of all this. Should this cause any kind of problems, for instands concerning the inventory value? [:)]

Have you got expected costing turned on? What costing method do you use?

Expected costs is off and the costing method is Standard [:)][:)][:)]

Hi Remco I just need a point clarifying: You are revaluing the inventory through the standard journal, and a modification updates the unit cost of open (received and unreceived?)purchase orders with the defined cost? Do you use the stock received not invoiced report for reconciling the GL? If you do this will look at the item ledger entry of the item receipt (I think) for the valuation. Therefore the updating of this unit cost does not affect this report unless you have modified it. What is your goal in updating the unit cost of received items on open purchase orders? At least you are not creating GL entries with expected costing I suppose.