Inventory Adjustment


I have two problems,

  1. how come i cant Post an Purchase Order only “Invoice” it keeps saying that there is nothing to post, but there are alot of things.
  2. How can i increment my inventory without affecting my cost? for eg i ordered 100 items i got 103 items i want to enter 100 as recieved and issue an invoice and for the the other 3 i want to just increase my stock.

I noticed there is a Item revaluation form in navision and i was wondering if this is the solution for the second problem??



A purchase order to be posted as invoiced is supposed to be “received”. How do you register the receiving?

As for the second question - you may post an invoice of 3 at the cost of 0, but this will decrease your inventory average cost, since you have received 103 items at the price of 100 - which is true.
You didn’t specify which evaluation method you are using, anyway.

In the Purchase order form, when you come to post, you have 3 selections “invoice, Receive, and Both” I want only to Invoice, i cant do it ??

Sorry i use FIFO, yes if i use an invoice with cost 0 i think that would be a good sloution but i need it for positive and negative adjustments.

Hi Ziad,

Have you any values in the Qty. To Invoice? Or has it already been invoiced? Check the Quantity Invoiced value.

Not sure if this is another issue but Navision will not let you Invoice more than you have received.