Revaluation journal

If I am producing an item and than selling it off. Say the the I produced qty 1 and the unit cost comes out to be 100. Now I sell this item say at price 150. At this stage the COGS gets affected by 100. Now I want to revalue this inventory to 120 (which is not there physically), system does not allows me to do so as I can only revalue which is an open entry incase of production Item. If I purchase this item and do the same transaction as mentioned above, than system allows me to revalue even if it is not an open entry and it also update my COGS account by 20. Pls clarify why system is not allowing me to revalue the ouput entry which is not open but allowing me to revalue the purchase entry which is not open. As far as open entries are concerned both output and purchase entry are allowed to be revalue. Rgs

Hi Abhay For output from production orders to be completely invoiced, the following conditions need to be met: - consumption associated with the production order has been posted - the production order status should be changed to finished - and the Adjust Cost - Item Entries batch job has been run. When this has been performed, the output items have an original value and can now be revalued if necessary. If you have not completely invoiced the output (that is, finished the production order, recorded consumption and capacity costs, and assigned cost to the items produced), the items have no value as yet, and therefore cannot be revalued. If you were able to revalue output from incomplete production orders, then there would be problems when you finally finished the production order and invoiced the output. The program would have to cope with deleting your revaluation and then assigning the real costs. Or some other procedure would have to be invented. These are the words of Navision with reference to the Calculate Inventory Value batch job in the inventory revaluation journal.

Steven, If the item which is produced and it is completely invoiced, I can revalue it as mentioned by you. Now I had sold this item. In the end of the month a get an additional bill for a component which was used in producing the above item. This means I had to revalue my inventory , so that my inventory value is correct. System does not allow me to do that from revaluation journal, as I had already sold that item. If this item was still there in the inventory system does allow me to revalue. How to revalue if the item which is produced is sold. Rgs

What does the system tell you?

Hi, you should try to revalue the sold item at the date output is posted, or later, but before the date is was sold. If you try to revalue it on a date which is after the selling date, you won’t be able. Iliana

Hi Abhay, Why dont you use an item charge to affect the cost of the consumed product on which you got an additional cost. Or you revalue the consumption Item’s Purchase or Positive entry. The system will then auto adjust the cost on the Finshed Goods and also the COGS.

Hi Iliana, As you mentioned yes we can revalue the inventory before the posting date of sales order but in this case the statistics of the posted sales invoice does not get affected and the cost price shown is still the old one and not the revalued. Please suggest if I had to do something else which will affect my sales order statistics. Hi Steven, I I try to revalue on the same date system throws a message “You cannot revalue outputs manually”. Rgs Hi Prashanth, Yes we can revalue the components used in the FG but it does not affect the FG cost price. Rgs

Hi Abhay This is still the position in 3.70. Did you get an answer why you cannot do this?

Hi abhay A fix is available from MBS. Table 83: VAR ... Text010@1032 : TextConst 'ENU=You cannot revalue outputs manually.'; //delete line ... LOCAL PROCEDURE InitRevalJnlLine@5800(ItemLedgEntry2@1000 : Record 32); ... ItemLedgEntry2.TESTFIELD(Positive,TRUE); IF ItemLedgEntry2."Entry Type" = ItemLedgEntry2."Entry Type"::Output THEN //delete line ERROR(Text010); //delete line VALIDATE("Entry Type",ItemLedgEntry2."Entry Type"); MBS put it in an object for me, but hopefully this makes some sense.

Hi, In 3.7 the system does not allow to revalue the ‘Production Out Put’ directly and as it is rightly said throws the error message. Only way to load the additional cost to FG is through loading of cost to Components, if possible. Kashinath

Or incorporate the fix posted above your posting [:D]

Hi, This is error and SBWEAVER showed fix. It is corrected in 3.70B version. Regards