changing the status to 'finished'


Can someone help me on how to locate the problem in terms of chaging the status to ‘Finished’? Our customer have a production order and it seems that consumption and output process went well, meaning that all of the items in the bom have been issued to the system (serial and non-serial track items).when our customer try to convert the status to finished there is an error appear and it says: ‘Item tracking is defined for the Prod. Components. You must delete the existing item tracking before modify or deleting the Prod. Order Components.’ I have checked the components and one of it is a serial number tracking, I also checked the consuption for this item and it issue the serial # that nee to be issue on the production.

does anybody knows how to resolved this issue?

Many thanks.


Go to the released production order, select components, go to the tracked item, select line button and item tracking lines - is anything defined? If it is delete it, the item tracking has already been handled through the consumption, then find out how the entry got there. You will probably see the undefined in red, as you are consuming too many, if not then after consumption someone has manually added it in there. Just delete it and finish the order.

thanks AdamRoue, when i checked the db and try to zero the serial #, it turned out a red negative quantity, and when i try to delete the serial number the undefined colum set to the quantity. are you saying that the material have been consumed using the serial # after posting the consumption?

Are you 100% sure the serial number is consumed as part of the production order? If you go to the order button and entries and item ledger entries is it there?

If I process a production journal and consume a serialised item, and then look at the components button it will not list any serial numbers. Yours does - but why?

If you delete this entry (assuming it exists as consumption) and then try to finish the order what happens?

Hi Aam,

The problem is ok now. We just follow what you advise. Also when I check the components all of the items are issue. Many thanks again.