Changing components during the production order

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My Question is : 1st we did BOM and related to an item FinishedProduct1.

But every time when we are manufacturing this item FinishedProduct1… Qtys of some components are changing .

My solution : at the time of doing Released production order . I am going line button–> components → and changing in qtys .

then doing consumtption .

then doing output .

Will I face any problem later with choosing the solution later due to tracking , costing or others?

Is this the best solution?

Remember I can’t use different versions for two reasons : 1st because always we have one active version 2nd because every time we are having change in the qtys in the componenets …

Thank you for help in advance

Hi Jouhayna

There are no real issues with this, obviously the actual costs will alter to your standard (or other) as you are consuming more or less product. The tracking will be the same if you use serial or lot tracking for the components, which I suppose is what you mean. I do not see them as problems, more things to be aware of!


Hi Steven ,

I guess I can go through this solution .

Thank you for your help .


Hi Jouhayna

If you hit any problems or issues with it you know where we are [:D]

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