Finishing Production Order???

Hi all… 3.7 here- I am trying to change the status of a Released Production Order to Finished…but I am getting an error in the process. When I go to change the status I get the following error message: “Item Journal Batch does not exist. Identification fields and values: Journal Template Name=’’,Name=’’” The item on the Released Prd Order has 6 components on it’s BOM and none have Item Tracking assigned. All the consumption in the Item Ledger Entry table looks dead on. Due to some of the MODs we have done I cannot get into the Item Batch Table to see what the heck is going on. Anyone have any idea how to go about resolving this issue? Thanks, JP

Hi, You have to define an Item journal Batch name. As you said you can not get into the table: Are you refring to the Front end or the object designer? Have you tried through the object designer? Regards, DD

Joe, The message is saying that it can’t find a batch with a blank name. Modifications should not stop you from opening the table in the object designer but I don’t think you will find information there because you should not have a batch with a blank name. You need to figure out why it’s looking for the blank. Is it a problem with output lines? Open the Item Journal table in the Ojbect designer and see if there are any records that have a blank Journal Template and blank Journal Batch name. If so, figure out why they are there and then either fix them or delete them. I hope this at least gives you more places to look.