Item Tracking & Quantity Problem in Output Journal

Hi everyone, Our customer uses lot numbers in manufacturing of carpets and we use Navision 3.70A. In output journal, output quantity is not correctly posted when more than 1 line of item tracking is created for different lot numbers. For example, a released production order of 100m2 carpet is created. A line of 100 m2 of output is created in the output journal for this production order. Then in the item tracking lines , 2 different lot numbers are entered for 70 and 30 m2 amount separately. After posting the journal, only the 70 m2 amount is seen in the item ledger entry and the finished quantity of the released production order is shown as 70 instead of 100. The quantity of 30 seems to be lost in the system. If a new line for this 30 m2 is entered again in the journal, it is posted successfully but still the ledger entry and the finished quantity show only the quantity of 70. What could be the reason? Do i always have to create different output lines for different lot numbers in a production order?

Hi This is a known issue, if I understand you correctly. It is resolved in 4.0. The suggestion from MBS is NOT to tick the last operation as finished when reporting output. If you do not it will successfully post, if you tick it the system gets into this horrible horrible mess.

Hi Didem Have a look here - some untested but suggest code changes are made:

Hi Steven, If i do not place the last operation as finished, i cannot change the status of the production order as finished. It always says “lot no is required for this item” although they are seen in the production order line > Item button> Item tracking lines. What can i do? Thank you for your help.

If you specify the output quantity and then define the appropriate item tracking entries, but DO NOT hit the finished tick box this “should” report the correct lot amounts and then you can go back into the output journal and define the line as finished with no more output, then make the released order finished. You could of course give the code a try [:D]

I was thinking the same solution with a very little quantity of additional ouput. Or you may change the status of the last operation as in process in the production order routing lines and then the order can be finished. [:)] Thank you for your help.